Davyhurst is an open cut and underground mining operation located 120 km north-west of Kalgoorlie. The Davyhurst area hosts some of the largest deposits within the project area and considerable potential remains for the discovery of new gold deposits as well as extensions to existing resources. 


Mineralisation at Davyhurst occurs along two principal trends; On the eastern side of the project area mineralisation is developed in a series of silica biotite pyrite altered shears within a tholeiitic to Hi MgO basalt sequence. At Lights of Israel an ore shoot within the shear has been tracked with drilling for approximately 1.5 km down plunge and mined approximately 900 m down plunge.

The company believes similar shoot development could occur in the adjacent Maiki and Great Ophir deposits and modelling work is under way to define targets for drill testing. The company also believes it has identified the possible northern extension of the Golden Eagle ore shoot down plunge formant existing open cut deposit. A POW has been approved to drill test the target. Recent mapping has identified a number of targets in the footwall of the Lights of Israel structure at have been recently tested with RC drilling.

On the western side of the project, the Waihi tend extends some 30 km from Two Gum Dam prospect in the south, to north of the Waihi Open cut. Gold mineralisation is associated with the sheared contact between a tremolite chlorite schist and Hi MgO basalt unit. Along the trend there are a number of advanced targets that require additional drill testing.


The last JORC (2004) resource estimate  for the project was compiled in 2008 based on past ASX releases and reports. The estimated was released in the Swan Gold Mining Limited 2013 prospectus  released 13th February 2013  (Table 1).

Historic probable reserves of 136 koz contained gold at a grade of 2.7 g/t Au

Historic resources of 1.5 Moz contained gold at a grade of 2.3 g/t Au

Swan is currently in the process of validating and reinterpreting the geological models and supporting QAQC data and will be issuing revised resource statement in the coming months.



 (‘000t)g/t Au(‘000t)g/t Au(000t)g/t Au(‘000t)g/t Au(‘000 Oz) 
Callion  862.8832.31692.614
Federal Flag322.01121.82382.53822.328
Golden Eagle  3452.53112.66562.554
Lights of Israel UG  744.31804.22544.235
Makai Shoot  1,9852.01531.72,1382.0136
Salmon Gums  1992.81082.93072.828
Waihi  8052.41092.49142.471
Walhalla  4481.82161.46641.736
TOTAL      5,4842.28402

Table 1 - Davyhurst 2008 Resource Figures


The table below summarises the cumulative gold production from the project based on the available records;

ProjectProduction Period
 Pre 19501950-19801980-20002000-2008
 (oz Au)(oz Au)(oz Au)(oz Au)
Davyhurst 230,000 - 428,000 152,690

Table 2 – Davyhurst Historical Production Total oz Au